New Boston Inn

(413) 258-4477

Thursday 12pm - 8pm 
Friday 12pm - 9pm
Saturday  12pm - 9pm 
Sunday 12pm - 8pm

Monday  Holidays only 12pm - 6pm. 


New Boston Inn's a great place to plan a bike Run or any Kind, Poker, fund raiser, just for kicks...Call us tell us your coming and we'll make it fun, BBQ, Music what ever it takes.

Welcome Motorcycles

We enjoy your company so bring your wives, friends and buddies, enjoy the yard, drink in the garden or just sit in the 1737 Pub. We have a Pub menu available all day. Dinner starts at 4pm, and there are events all summer, from bands in the back yard to Steamer Weekend. check out the events for the year.
Don't forget pets from the past: Duck called Chi Chi! Thelma and Louis.